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How to use Youtube for Branding?

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How to use Youtube for Branding?

How to use Youtube for Branding?

Brand marketing is one of the major factors that are known to drive a brand towards success and growth in the industry. Promoting and marketing the brand can take a variety of form, from the traditional outdoor ads to the most advanced Youtube advertisements. Youtube, being the most watched online video sharing website is the world’s largest platform for various consumers to connect with their brands. However, in the crowded Youtube space, many turn to the support of companies like The Marketing Heaven to make their videos stand out in this crowd and thus reach a large audience. This media is the most interactive and advanced in online digital marketing and planning. It allows the brand to provide the user with simple and memorable content in the form of innovative videos.

These are a few guidelines for ensuring maximum results from branding using Youtube:

Avatar Quality

Almost every activity be the admin is accompanied by the chosen avatar. This avatar is seen when any user likes, shares comments on the videos or subscribes to a Youtube channel. The avatar for the brand needs to be similar and should be communicative of the company’s values and goals.

Video Watermarking

The video watermarking technique allows you to insert the brand name into any video. This is usually seen as a small logo or slogan at the corner of the screen. This will keep reminding the user about the brand that is presenting the video while staying connected to the content at the same time.

Channel Promotion

The first 15 seconds of the video should be used to mention the brand’s channel’s name. It can be in the form of a text message on the video screen, as a voice-over or even as an audio-video message. This helps to reinforce the brand’s visibility in the user’s memory.

Channel Page Branding

The sidebar of the channel page should contain all the necessary social media links. This page should display the logo in the background as well as a concise description about the brand for user information.

Adding Brand Tags

Tags are very important while uploading a video on Youtube as these determine the extent of visibility and search result ranking of the particular video. These tags are basically used for describing the content of the video. Companies can also add a ‘brand tag’ at the end of the video. This helps mostly with search result relevancy.

Branded End Slate

This is the last screen at the end of the video and mostly displays the links and previews to other related or similar video content. This end slate is an ideal spot for putting your brand name in the background. This will help remind the user even at the end of the video about your brand’s relevancy to the interesting videos as well as make the brand name more memorable and eventually more popular.

These are a few tips on how to effectively use Youtube for branding. Youtube is fast becoming the top-choice for companies to make their presence known in the industry. The faster you get on the bandwagon the more progress and visibility your brand is likely to gain.


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